Police Coins

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Law Enforcement Challenge Coins
Custom challenge coins have become a valued part of police departments in recent years. They often are used to show membership in elite units such as S.W.A.T. teams or bomb squads, or to commemorate special events or specific aspects of police work.

Challenge coins have been a tradition in all branches of the U.S. armed forces for nearly 100 years. It’s not surprising that law enforcement agencies, like other organizations that operate with a military-style command structure, would adopt them as well as a way to denote membership in specific units or to commemorate events. If you’re considering the creation of police coins for your department, we can confidently say that these are tokens of appreciation that members of the force will hold onto forever. Below, you’ll learn more about offerings from The-Coin-Factory.com and soon see why our police challenge coins have become lifelong keepsakes and reminders of a career of protecting and serving.

Why Create Police Coins?
Not only are custom police coins a great way to promote cohesiveness within the department, they also are an excellent means of increasing camaraderie and cooperation among departments in different jurisdictions. Some departments also raise funds for departmental programs that benefit the community by selling custom coins to the public. This is a great way for local residents to show their support for the local municipal or state police department, sheriff’s department or other first responders. No matter your reason for researching law enforcement challenge coins, there is undoubtedly a good reason to have them created and distributed among law enforcement members and benefactors.

How to Get Started
The options available to those in the market for police coins are nearly limitless. Customers of The-Coin-Factory.com can choose from metal styles, diamond-cut edges, epoxy domes, various case and packaging options and polished or “antique” finishes. With so many opportunities for customization, the law enforcement challenge coins that you design will be uniquely yours and always on proud display by recipients. Gold, silver, copper, nickel or brass – the choice is yours, but the message of support and success is loud and clear.

Your Source for Custom Police Challenge Coins
No matter what your department’s reasons for ordering custom police challenge coins are, you expect top-quality coins. The-Coin-Factory.com is proud to produce police coins that represent the commitment and courage of all police officers. We guarantee 100 percent satisfaction with the quality of our work. We will supply your department with custom coins your officers will carry or display with pride.

We offer free artwork, revisions and shipping in the continental U.S. You won’t find better prices anywhere and our friendly and talented staff will make your ordering experience easy, fast and fun.