Military Coins

Military Coins

Military coins are the starting point for all custom challenge coins. Since their origin nearly a century ago, they have long been a cherished part of military lore.

Military coins are an outstanding way to promote unit camaraderie and solidarity of purpose. Coins can be designed for specific units, teams, divisions or squadrons. Even in combat zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan, soldiers can carry military challenge coins to emphasize their loyalty to their unit and to each other.

From the highest levels of the Pentagon all the way to the newest recruits, military coins are popular in all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces today. They are a form of military tradition respected by all who serve.

If you’re shopping for custom military coins, you have high standards. The Coin Factory is committed to exceeding your expectations by providing the finest military coins you’ll find anywhere. Add to that our unbeatable prices and unmatched service, and you’ll see why we have an outstanding reputation for military challenge coins.

If you don’t settle for anything less than the finest when it comes to challenge coins, The Coin Factory is your source. Our success depends on your total satisfaction with your custom coins, and that’s what we’re prepared to deliver.

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