Business Coins

Business Coins

Many businesses have discovered the benefits of using business coins to showcase new products, reward outstanding performance, commemorate years of service and even to promote workplace safety.

Challenge coins may have originated in the military, but they have become increasingly common in the corporate world as well. They have become a popular alternative to custom lapel pins in many circumstances.

Like lapel pins, custom coins are an outstanding way to recognize employee achievements. When presented for meeting sales goals, budget projections, or production objectives, custom coins help maintain workplace morale. It’s well documented that employees most often change jobs when they feel they’re not appreciated. The small gift of challenge coins makes employees feel that management values and appreciates their contributions to the success of the business.

In a similar vein, coins presented at a companywide ceremony to recognize specific years of service with the organization gives workers a token that shows the company appreciates their presence and their efforts. The coins become something the employees can carry or display at home with pride.

For corporate coins, The Coin Factory is your no-problem, right-the-first-time source. We are dedicated to providing custom challenge coins that your business can be proud to present to anyone. Our fast, friendly customer service sets a new standard of excellence, and you won’t find better prices anywhere.

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